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Slice Of Zen Walkthrough

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Grab your imaginary Katanas. We will cut. A Walkthrough.

Here we play Slice of Zen together. By reading this section, you will be able to see how the game goes on. Enjoy your journey with us.

  • When we open the game via our web browser, we see a button that tells us “tap to start”. We click on it to access the game.
  • We achieve the game menu. There is a blue sky with cute degraded effects. It is like midnight in the summer with a lot of stars in the sky.
  • The only button on the screen is a white hexagon with a white triangle. This is a start button. We click on the get started.
  • The game shows us a level selection menu. We click on the first level.
  • There is a door. We have 3 moves to cut into slices to it. First, we cut it crosswise. This makes 65%. The goal is 80%. We cut the door crosswise again that makes ?. Good job!
  • We go to the next level. There is a circular clock. This time the goal is to make 100%.
  • We cut the clock into half vertically. All the parts fall apart. The level is clear, too.
  • This is a pretty relaxing game.