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Shooter Rush Walkthrough

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You Will Show No Mercy! The Walkthrough of Shooter Rush

  • To open the game you need to click two different play buttons in different colors. In the starter menu, there is a yellow play button, a blue button with a pistol picture, and a purple button with a money counter on it you can click on it to earn free game money. There is a sound button on the left corner. You can open and close the sound. You see right of the button your level. There is the money bar on the right.
  • You click the play button and the game begins. When you click the screen your character walks and kills the enemies. The aim and shooting are done by the character you control.
  • You walk and the enemies are marching towards you. They come from your right and your left. The character is like Max Payne with limitless bullets.
  • After the kills, some enemies drop some amounts of money. Collect them. That money is used to enhance or change your weapon.
  • At the end of the game, we arrive at the final zone drawn like a helipad.

This game gives you the feeling of a casual mobile game. But the controls are better than a mobile game. The sound effects feel relaxing ironically. When you shoot down your enemies, you blow off some steam. This is an amazing game to spend quality time in your free time while awaiting orders from your work.