Rummy Multiplayer Walkthrough

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Rummy Multiplayer Walkthrough

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Let’s rule the deck: Aganta burina burinata!

  • After we watched the advertisement, we access the game. There is a huge start button with white background and black text. You get the feeling of a serious pub. We click on it to start the game.
  • There are two buttons on the left top corner. The left one is to examine the instructions. The second one is to play the game in full screen. By the way, you can close the sound by the button on the top right corner. The color palette is so balanced. Yellow is in great harmony with the black. Under the name of our game, there are two big buttons. The left one is for play against the computer, the other one is for play against the real players.
  • We click the local game button. In this screen, we select the number of players that are 2, 3, and 4. We select 2.
  • The game explains the rules. We skip them.
  • The game gives us 10 cards. We draw a card when we start. There is no any useful combination. We give back the ace of spades to the pile.
  • The computer has no movements, too. When the round turns on us, we put the combination of sixes. We have three different 6 after we draw a card.
  • In the next round, the computer puts three different aces. That is a lot of damage, folks.

The game goes on like this. You can blow some steam in the office by playing this game.