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There are no complicated maps or challenging controls in the game. You open the game and draw eights on your screen.

Imagine there is a joystick on your screen. It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy.

There are two teams like all the regular rugby matches. You don’t direct all the team. You control a player of the team. Your mission is to beat the opponent team in 90 seconds.

Your team scores when one of your teammates achieves the goal zone while he carries the ball. That’s a touchdown.

If the opposing team takes the ball, you can run through the opponent team and take down the ones who don’t carry the ball and steal the ball from who carries the ball just by touching them.

There are no faults or referees, you can limitlessly takedown your opponents.

If you don’t carry the ball you should protect the teammate who carries the ball.

When you run without the ball you sprint for a while, in the end, you see a flame behind your player. You are the fastest player in the field now.

We tear down the defense line. A Walkthrough into

When we open the website of, we notice that there is a play button in white and blue. This is uncommon for a play button. We click it. The game becomes full screen automatically. Touch the green play button.

The game takes us to the field. On the screen, we see our team’s league,’s logo, and a text to convinces us to play the game. “Tap to play”.

We click the screen and find ourselves in the eye of the beholder. The game tells us to draw eights on the screen to play. When we click, our player starts to run.

We capture the ball and skillfully bypass the opponents. We totally rule the game. That’s a touchdown.

After the touchdown, we click the screen again. The game starts again. This time, the opponent captures the ball. It’s not a problem. We sprint by not changing our direction you see the flames behind us. We steal the ball. Our teammates take down the players around us. It’s a touchdown, again.

Time’s up. The game declares our victory in a yellow text.

You have this great opportunity to have limitless fun just by your browser. Open the game and enjoy the smell of the victory.