Princess Juliet Fashion Trouble Walkthrough

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Princess Juliet Fashion Trouble Walkthrough

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You play as a princess named Juliet and you have to finish your chores before a party you are about to attend. The chores you have to finish require special items designated to that chore.

  • Level 1: At this level, you will need to find a measuring tape, a pair of scissors, threads, fabrics, and chalk. All of those items are necessary for sewing your own dress. The items are acquired from secret mini puzzles you will have to solve. If you cannot solve those puzzles quickly you will lose points. There is a timer showing your score. Each second you will lose a point.
  • Level 2: In level 2 you will use the items you have found previously. You need to measure the fabric for bust, waist, and hip size; draw on your measurements with chalk to get the shape of your dress; cut the fabric; thread your sewing machine, and sew your dress!
  • Level 3: Now you will have to fix your castle! You will need to find hidden items such as hammer and nails, thread and needle, broom, and pump. On this level, you will fix broken chairs, ripped off curtains, inflate balloons and dust the floors. The puzzles are extra hard for the sake of the final episode.

After you complete everything the score you obtained will be shown.

Frequently Asked Questions about Princess Juliet Fashion Trouble

In this section, you can find the answers to the most frequent questions about Princess Juliet Fashion Trouble.

How to Control Princess Juliet?

Controlling the character is easy. You will only need a finger or a mouse. The different puzzles may require more than a click. You will have to drag and drop, sweep and draw with your pointer device. Your accuracy will be measured with different puzzles.

Can I turn on/off the sounds and music in Princess Juliet Fashion Trouble?

We know that some players would like a moment of silence when they are enjoying their game. That’s why we put a sound icon on the menu, so you can turn on or turn off the sounds and music of the game with ease.

How do I play Princess Juliet Fashion Trouble?

This game is a free-to-play online game that is streamed through our gamin website You can easily find it by searching the name Princess Juliet Fashion Trouble in our website game browser.