ONO Card Game Walkthrough

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ONO Card Game Walkthrough

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We open the game. The game wants you to determine your avatar. We choose batman.

  • There is a text area near our avatar. We determine our nick as “Bruce Wayne”. Below the avatars, there is a continue button. We click it.
  • There are two buttons on the screen. The online mode is unavailable. We click the button upside.
  • The cards are distributed. The first card is green 4. We have green 8. We play this card.
  • The next player uses a green change card. We play again. We play the blue change card. The round is blue now. Huh!
  • The round turns and we play yellow six.
  • In the next round, our neighbor blocks us with a block card. How dare he!
  • After that, the player after us plays a change card. It’s time to block the player who blocks us and punish him with 4 additional cards.
  • We have our last two cards. We say uno and play the color change card to red. We have a red one.
  • Aaaaaaand we win! This is how you play the game.