Mushrooms Conflict Walkthrough

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Mushrooms Conflict Walkthrough

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We believe that you may want to check this Mushrooms Conflict walkthrough that we have specially prepared for our visitors.

In this way, you will not have to wonder about the game and decide whether you may like it or not by watching the video we have recorded for you. It will be worth to note that the game has low graphics however it becomes highly addictive after you play it for a few stages. This is why we wanted to prepare this special walkthrough so that you can watch it and decide whether you may like it or not by do not spend hours playing the game.

We believe that the smooth Save Mushroom Garden gameplay may be quite attractive for many players, but some players may also dislike the game. You will be controlling a boy in this game whose mushrooms are stolen by evil people. Your goal is to collect all of the stolen mushrooms and take them back to your garden where they belong. In addition to this, the stages have really large maps and it takes time for you to locate all of the mushrooms. Moreover, you will have 3 lives in each stage, and you will need to start from the beginning of the stage in case you will run out of your lives.