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Magi Dogi Walkthrough

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You play as a magical dog trying to save his villages from evil beings. You try to beat your enemies in different maps on each level.

Try to collect the coins and red crystals to but new costumes to your Dogi. Your dog can beat its enemies with its magic attack or by jumping on them. You will get coins with every enemy you beat. After completing the level go to the portal to go to the next level. There are 12 different levels, which means a longer time of fun!

Frequently Asked Questions About Magi Dogi

What equipment will I need to play Magi Dogi?

Magi Dogi can either be played on a computer or a portable device like a tablet or a smartphone. For your PC the best option would be a keyboard and mouse. Whereas for your portable devices you can play it with your touchpad since a gamepad occurs for your skills.

Can I die in Magi Dogi?

There are three health points in the game you will have three tries to finish a map or you will have to retry the map! You can lose a health point by touching an enemy or falling into the holes on the ground.

How can I beat the enemies in Magi Dogi?

This part is the most fun! You can either stomp on your enemies by jumping on them or you can turn them into dust with your magic attack!