Little Girls Kitchen Time Walkthrough

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Little Girls Kitchen Time Walkthrough

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A walkthrough towards the girls’ kitchen. We will have fun.

  • We enter the game. There are two lovely girls in a kitchen with a lot of purples. They seem excited about the thing they will be cooking. We click the play button on the bottom right.
  • We see a dialog between the girls. They talk about the kitchen time that they will be having. After the conversation, we click the pink play button on the bottom.
  • In the next scene, we should select a girl. There are Anna and Elsa. We select Elsa by clicking on her photo.
  • We started to style her appearance. Her hair should be braided. A red dress is perfect with her blonde hair. We decide on her shoes to the red ones. We don’t want any accessories; the dress is already beautiful. We attach a cute ribbon to her hair. And that’s all. We click the tick below the girl.
  • There are two eggs and a bowl. We break them by clicking on and dragging them through the bowl. We use a blender to mix them well. A little milk is essential, we pour it. Yeast? Of course. We pour a little salt to make better the milk’s taste. After adding the chocolate, we cook the cookies for an hour.
  • When the cookies are cooked, we spread chocolate over them.
  • Yummy! They seem delicious.