Knife Hit Xmas Walkthrough

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Knife Hit Xmas Walkthrough

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The targets and knives are waiting for you. What is stopping you? Let’s read all the following and start to play!

  1. Click the “PLAY” button and start the game. You have 5 stages in the game and the last stage is the most difficult one. The purpose of the game is to stab the knives you are given to the objects that showed up on the screen. Only on the first page, the object remains the same which is a present. Then, the other objects are changing for each stage in each game.
  2. As you are started, you’ll see the knives you have on the left side of the page. It differs for each stage. You should stab all of them into the object in the middle of the screen to get on to the next stage.
  3. You can throw the knives by clicking one on the mouse. All objects have their unique style of turning. You should watch carefully before you throw the knives. Some of the objects are very fast, some of them are tricky that turned the other way very rapidly, some object has a constant speed.
  4. The knives should be thrown separately. You cannot throw the knives to the spikes of the target shape or the knives that are already stabbed in the target shape. If you do so, you will start over the game.
  5. Some of the target objects have green diamonds around them. You may try to hit them and collect. The collected diamonds are shown on the right top of the page. If you have missed a knife and start over you are going to see the number of knives you have thrown in total and the stage you have missed the game.

Frequently Asked Questions About Knife Hit Xmas

Here are the faqs and answers about the Knife Hit Xmas if you want to review them! Read and clear all the question marks.

If I start over the game will I lose all the diamonds?

No, you won’t! The number of diamonds will remain the same until you turn off the computer.

Can I throw the knife on top of the knife I threw?

No, you cannot. You’ll start over if you do so.

Is there a limit for restarting the game?

Of course not! You can restart as much as you want.