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Kizi Kart Walkthrough

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Fellas! Hang on! We are gonna be a part of a wonderful race. Take a seat. We need a co-pilot.

  • When we start the game, we click on the yellow play button to continue.
  • There is a selection menu. We can select a tournament or a free race. We click on the free race on the bottom left of the menu.
  • There is a racer selection menu. We select Tito which is a cucumber-shaped alien.
  • We start the race. The game shows us the controls and we pass them.
  • As we start the game, we take a weapon icon. Oh gosh! Coin!
  • The kart behind us shoots with a rocket. Our order is the fourth one.
  • When there is a bend, we pass the purple player by the boosters.
  • We grab a weapon circle again. The game gives us oil. No one can dare to pass across us! Yeah! This is how you play this game.
  • Tito becomes the winner. Why? Because we are winners, folks. We can’t be a loser.

How can I play Kizi Kart better?

You should avoid the traps on the track and turn the bends well. Also, the racer selection is an important issue. We recommend you select Tito in this free online racing game.

Is there a racer better than the other racers in Kizi Kart?

Of course not. The racers of Kizi Kart have several pros and cons in this free online racing game unblocked. You should consider them well when you are playing Kizi Kart.

How many tournaments and tracks in Kizi Kart?

In this legendary online racing game, there are 3 tournaments and 6 different tracks. You will be able to be a part of the extreme levels of competition. Where are y’all? Come and join us!