Idle Farm Walkthrough

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Idle Farm Walkthrough

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To explain the main logic behind Idle Farm better, we are doing a walkthrough. Come and join us, mate.

  • We get into the game after we click on the wooden play button. There is a selection menu. We click on the male farmer.
  • As we start the game there is a place to plant some plants. The game tells us to plant carrots there. So, we plant it.
  • Each time we click on the carrot, we earn the coins.
  • After a while, we upgrade it again and again. This time the earned coin numbers increase as the carrots amount increases.
  • Also, there is a pinball on the left of the game. When we play this, we get extra experience points and coins.
  • We get extra hands to increase production. You know this is a serious business that is taken seriously.
  • But this guy does nothing but walking weirdly. Dudes, this is not dancing. Probably he needs to pee.
  • We end the walkthrough here. You know, and the idle game is eternal.

How can I earn more coins in this game?

In this online idle game, you can earn more by planting more valuable plants. Also, planting your plants in more fields will be improving your revenue.

How can earn more money by mini pinball game in this game?

When you click on the play the game button the ball appears. If you are able to shoot the circles in the middle, you will be earning both more experience and more coins. Also, that way you earn an extra ball if the ball falls. If you apply again, you continue to win.