Ice Princess Wedding Day Walkthrough

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Ice Princess Wedding Day Walkthrough

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Ice Princess Wedding Day is a styling game.

  • In that game, you are the style advisor of our lovely bride, Ice Princess. The ultimate goal of the game is to create the most legendary wedding ever.
  • You will be determining the landscaping, wedding cycle, and the castle behind our couple of the wedding. After these decisions, you will be finding proper dresses, makeup styles, and haircuts.
  • To determine an object in the game, you should click the icon of it. You can select whatever object you want from the list on the right of your screen.
  • There is no jury or point to criticize your taste. Everyone trusts in your decisions. If you say so, there will be no additional murmurings or points.
  • Share the happiness of our beloved princess! Today is the happiest day of her life. Let’s beautify the wedding with our taste.
  • We open the website by our browser. By being a WebGL game by Unity it takes a while to open the game. The icon of the game is heart-shaped and vibrates with the rhythm of a heartbeat. There is a blue play button under the icon. We click it to start the game.
  • Here they are, the bride and the groom. They look lovely! There are three pink buttons on their left. We click the first button. We decide on a frame for their photo. We decide on a frame with pink and white roses. Also, there is a purple ribbon under them.
  • We click the second button on their left. There is a cool castle behind our castle. We will paint the castle purple.
  • After that, we click the third button. This button is for the texture of the ground. We make the ground red and white.
  • When we decide the color of the ground a pink arrow appears on the screen. We click it to find the trendiest wedding dress and a proper bouquet for our bride.
  • Our decision on the wedding dress a red one. The bouquet is made of white roses. After our decision, the pink arrow appears again. We will be deciding on tasteful accessories and makeups. Our bride will be the cutest one!