Highway Traffic Walkthrough

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Highway Traffic Walkthrough

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Gimme Fuel, Gimme Fire, give me that which I desire. A walkthrough:

Let’s make a Walkthrough of this realistic and fun driving game. You will be our guest on this amazing journey. Watch your step and take on your belts.

  • When we open the game, we see a car selection menu. The only car we have a Russian style hatchback. We paint it black before we start the game. Man, we are not a taxi driver. Black is cooler.
  • To start the game, we click on the green next button in the bottom left corner.
  • The game shows us a mode selection menu. There is “One Way, Two Way, Time Attack, and Speed Bomb”. We click on the “one-way” button.
  • There are three options for the road. They are “sunny, night, and rainy.” As a moody person, we select rainily.
  • We step on the gas hardly. The car starts to move and accelerate. Unfortunately, this is not a fast car we expect. The Russian dudes don’t drive fast, obviously.
  • There is a line of cars that trying to get through. We act like a snake. They are slower we are fast. We rule the roads.
  • The busses make lane violations all the time without using their signals. Obviously, they are trying to force us to make mistakes.