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Gun Walkthrough

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All the controls in Gun Night can be found in the main menu. These are the most important ones.

  • You use W to move up, A to move left, D to move right and S to move down.
  • A mouse or finger is used to aim the curser.
  • The scoreboard can be seen with the E key.


Can I play Gun Night for free on all my devices?

Yes. Since Gun Night is a free-to-play online game without download, you can play Gun Night on all your devices for free.

Can I play Gun Night With My Friends?

Yes. Gun Night is an online game and you play together with your friends using the same link and server.

How does Gun Night end?

Let’s see. Can you die in Gun Night? Yes, you can die but you can also keep playing after dying -which means it doesn’t end at all. The goal is to attain the most score by killing as many opponents as possible.