Fireboy and Watergirl 2 Walkthrough

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Fireboy and Watergirl 2 Walkthrough

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We continue to help Watergirl and Fireboy in their adventures. A walkthrough

Throughout the page, we mentioned “how-to”s of fireboy and watergirl 2 unblocked. If you want to see a real-time experience of the game, come and join us.

  • When we access this legendary game, we see a lot of doors with blue and red signs on it. They belong to our legendary heroes Fireboy and Watergirl. There are a few light beams from the top of the map. Yes, this is what the temple game is about. Where are our heroes? Here they are! Fireboy stands on the left, Watergirl stands on the right.
  • We click on the yellow play button to play this awesome multiplayer game. By the way, you can play this alone to improve your reflexes.
  • As we click on the button, we see the level selection map. It is like a bit complex diagram. No fear! We will be stallions of the victory. We click on the first level’s node to play.
  • The game tells the controls of the game to us. The level is quite easy. First, we dive into the fire and take the diamond with the Fireboy. After that, we jump over the water. When we use Watergirl, we jump over the fire and dive into the water.
  • After that, we jump to the upward platform. We jump over the green liquid with both the characters. There is a lever here we trigger them and open a way for us. We jump to the upward platform.
  • There is a button here. Fireboy stays on the button to keep it active. As he stays there, the platform piece goes down. We take him from there to make the piece rise. We take watergirl up to open the gate again. We take Fireboy to the area upward.
  • We move the box located here by pushing it towards the left. After that, we jump on it. We collect all the diamonds there and stay on the doors to end the level. The level ends.
  • We click to continue to access the level selection board.
  • Before the end of the walkthrough, we should say try to select the levels not right or left. You should go forward. These levels are much better than the others. Have fun with your fellas while you play!