Ella Makeup Removal Walkthrough

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Ella Makeup Removal Walkthrough

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Here are the most frequently asked questions about Ella Makeup Removal:

What should I do after removing make-up in Ella Makeup Removal?

You will progress into the next stage in which you will be helping Ella take care of her skin by using conditioners and such.

Can I save my character after finishing the game in Ella Makeup Removal?

Yes, you can. Just click on save after you are done creating the Ella you want, you will get a download pop-up letting you save the character.

Can you lose in Ella Makeup Removal?

No, you cannot. Even if you fail an action, you will still be allowed to try again. As it is with any other Eyzi.net game, your progress will be saved as you play. So don’t worry about losing in the game and losing your progress.