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Cut It Puzzles Walkthrough

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Let’s make a walkthrough on Cut it Puzzles. What is this game about? Let’s see.

  • As we open the game, we see a level selection menu. When we click on the play yellow button on the screen we go.
  • The game gives us a few instructions, we pass them by clicking the button called “got it”.
  • First, we cut across the first object. This was the first level.
  • We click on the blue button to go further.
  • We chop a circle vertically.
  • In the next level, there is a polygon like a wire. We cut it vertically. In that way, we collect all the smiles there.
  • The next level is a bit harder. There are a solid polygon and a smile on its right. We start to cut the object from left to right by crossing it downwards. Gotcha! We collect that smile, too. Man, we rule that game.
  • You can continue. We stop here.

How can I get more points when I end the levels of Cut it Puzzles?

You should use fewer moves. In that way, you are able to get more points in this free online puzzle game.

Are Levels on Cut it Puzzles hard and annoying?

Of course, they are not. In this free hyper-casual puzzle game, you play the game for blowing off some steam, not to get annoyed.

Can I play Cut it Puzzles on my mobile devices?

Yes, you can play this free puzzle game on your mobile devices like Android or iOS. Also, you don’t need to download the game.