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Cooking Scene Walkthrough

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Let's cook the most delicious meals in our little kitchen. A walkthrough:

A talentedly cooked meal is one of the irresistible things in life, right? Come on in we cook burgers, hot dogs, cupcakes together. Let’s play this delicious game together as a walkthrough.

  • When we open the game we see four different people. A handy cook is cooking a burger on a griddle. It seems like it is a well-done beef. Not good, mate. While our chef cooking there are 3 customers in front of her. They are giving orders to her. We understand this from the speaking balloons on their head.
  • We click on the big blue start button with a yellow triangle in it. The game presents us with a level selection menu. There is a tutorial section below. We should select a restaurant to work on. The only choice we have is the left one. So we click on it. This is a fast-food restaurant with a giant burger statue.
  • The game tells how we play the game briefly. There is another level selection menu. We in the level of the dishwasher. We click on the first level to start.
  • We will be serving 9 people on this level. The first order is from a beautiful lady a burger without any sauce or vegetable and the green juice. We prepare these and give them to her.
  • The other order is a hot dog with ketchup and green juice. We prepare this, too.
  • The game goes on. You should continue it.