Burger Chef Walkthrough

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Burger Chef Walkthrough

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Let’s cook the most delicious burgers and be a great burger chef. A walkthrough:

We tell you how to play the game above. But an experience is always better than the written descriptions, right?

  • When we open the game we see a burger with glowing lights. Burger seems like a holy object. It seems like someone understands the true value of a burger. On the left bottom corner, there is a settings button. We can open or close the sound and the music of the game. On the bottom right corner, we can look for the other games of the developer.
  • We click on the giant green play button with a white triangle in it to start the game.
  • This is level one we should achieve 20 points to pass the level.
  • Our first customer wants to buy a simple burger without any sauces or ketchup. This is easy peasy lemon squeezy. We give what the customer wants and take the money she gives.
  • The second customer is a bit weird. She just wants melted cheese in burger ham. We give her what she wants and take her money. But… It is still weird. Why anyone buys only a melted cheese from a burger shop?
  • Oh, boy! The next customer wants melted cheese with lettuces. We sell these too. But why? Why people don’t buy burger meat? What is wrong with our beef?
  • We pass the level successfully.