Buddy Toss Walkthrough

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Buddy Toss Walkthrough

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As we explained above this text, this is the most brosome game ever. We think we need to clarify how do we toss our bro till space.

Let’s join us in this walkthrough.

  • We enter the game. There is a cool mate. Probably he is a wrestler. The helmet of it looks like the helmet of Rey Mysterio. There is a red button flashing over his head. We decide to be a part of this amazing game by clicking this red play button.
  • The game tells us the whole logic behind the question of how to play. Who cares? Not us. Today, we will be tossing our little fella towards the sky. Let’s do this.
  • We click on the screen to start the game.
  • Our blonde fella falls from the sky. When he comes right to the place of our arms we click again. He rises and he falls again. With every click of us, he rises more.
  • We send our buddy to the moon, but each time game becomes harder. To give the feeling of fall, the camera approaches and become distant. As the friend goes further, this transition becomes faster. So, we should be more concentrated to play the game.
  • When our friend goes beyond the moon, he falls but we can’t toss him again. What a shame! We clearly have broken the sacred bro code. Oh, sweet god, show us mercy in hell!