Bob The Robber: 5 Temple Adventure Walkthrough

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Bob The Robber: 5 Temple Adventure Walkthrough

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Our sneaky criminal friend decided to become a tomb raider. In this walkthrough, we will help him to not get cursed.

  • When we start the game, we see Bob holding a gem with his hands. To continue, we click on the big green button.
  • The game tells the story by a few pictures. Apparently, our buddy is in an Aztec temple. In other words, he decided to be a tomb raider.
  • There is a level selection menu. We click on the first level; the other levels are not available at the moment.
  • There are five floors in the game. We start from the second floor. We can’t go to the left, because there is a lock there and we don’t have the gadget to open it. So, we go to the right and go upstairs.
  • When we go to the left, we see a weird eye. Obviously, it works like a security camera. We pass across its sight to the left.
  • We go upstairs. There is a regular guard. We can knock it down by a sneak attack. We do it.
  • We go upstairs to the top floor. Our goal is on our right. There is the gadget we needed. We take it.
  • We go to the left. There is a lock that we need to open. Because there is a treasure behind it. We diffuse the lock.
  • We collect the golds and go to the place that we started.
  • We diffuse the lock and go to the left. We go downstairs and knock the guard out. We see the endpoint on the right. Brilliant! We end the level.

How can I end the level in Bob the Robber 5: Temple Adventure?

When you play free Bob the Robber 5: Temple Adventure unlimited, you should first go to the place with yellow arrows. You will do one of the game objectives there. After that, there will be green arrows appeared somewhere on the map. When you go there, the level will be ended.

How many Bob the Robber games are there?

There are 5 different Free Bob the Rubber Games Online on You can play them unpaid.

How do you hit in Bob the Robber 5: Temple Adventure?

When you are playing Free Bob the Robber 5: Temple Adventure Unblocked you can use the key space to hit guards in the game. They will be passed out and harmless for you.