Basketball Legends 2020 Walkthrough

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Basketball Legends 2020 Walkthrough

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This is a basketball game. You aim to beat your opponent in 60 seconds.

  • You can select the teams around the NBA. Matches are 1 to 1. Before starting the match you can select your player from the three on the screen. Every team has three players that you can select.
  • There are three special skills in the game. You should determine your player in accordance with his special ability. You use these special abilities by “Z”. One of the abilities is a fast break, the other is one mega dunk and the last one is defence.
  • You can play the game as a multiplayer or single-player.
  • For controlling the game, use the letters in your keyboard: W, A, S, D. In addition, you can also use the arrows of the keyboard.
  • You take a shoot and steal the ball. You should press in X for that. If you double press “D” you sprint.
  • You can play in a tournament or make a quick match.

Claim the thing we deserve! We are literally diving into the court.

  • We open the game. There is a purple menu with playing options. As 1 player, 2 players, quick match, and credits. We all alone. So, we click the 1 player button. After that, we could be in a competitive and legendary tournament or make a random match. We click the tournament to give the 76ers a ring.
  • Our options are Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, and John Harris. We choose Ben Simmons. Probably we will need his slam dunks. Let’s set the difficulty on hard. We compete like real men.
  • Our first rival is Salt Lake from Utah. As we capture the ball, we tear down the hoop with our hidden weapon, mega dunk.
  • When we click “X” the opponent is stunned. Probably there is natural law here.
  • We take a three-points shoot from our hoop. This is a score, too.
  • After the match ends, the score is 12 to 0. The opponent is crying. What a shame!

The tournament still continues. We are coming to the end of the time allotted to us. We are sailing to Philadelphia. The players will gain the ring they deserve.