Angry Snakes Walkthrough

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Angry Snakes Walkthrough

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We are diving into a pit with snakes. Any volunteers?

Let’s make a walkthrough of this weird game. How do we play? Come on in!

  • When we open the game with the help of our web browser, there is an angry red snake on the screen. On that screen, there is a text area to enter our snake’s name. We name our snake John Stuart Mill. This is the coolest name ever.
  • The yellow button below the text area is to start the game. Before starting the game, we decide to customize our snake by changing its color. To change the color, we click on the blue button there. We select the aqua color for our snake. Let’s start!
  • There are lots of snakes there. It seems like we are literally in a snake pit. We start to eat those particles that glow to become bigger. In a pit with snakes, the bigger is always wins, you know.
  • But when we trying to become bigger, the other snakes don’t let us survive. They kill us twice. Aw, man!
  • As we spawn again, we find a shield. We take two of the biggest snakes on the map with the help of this shield. The shield protects us from them. When they die, we have the right to loot their legacy. This is the natural law against the past rulers.
  • We die with our honor.