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We hope this amazing game will make happy you. Moto X3M One is the first game of Moto X3M Game Series.

Moto X3M 1 is a wonderful motorbike racing game and it has 25 challenging levels.

Now, grab your motorbike but you don't forget strap on your helmet and be very careful. When you fail at some level you can press the restart button from the top left corner.

The game offers pause properties for you press this button when you have to go somewhere or in your busy times.

Get Relaxed when you want to resume the race, just press this button and enjoy.

If you love platform games you will love this game too. This game brings motorcycle driving skills to you.

You can take a driving license if you finish all the levels.

Try to unlock all motorcycles with money.

You can get money only one way in the game; jump over the platforms, Fly one point to one point and do acrobatic movements. You can control the comments if you have suspicious things about the game (:

Every racer has another skill and different costumes. If you choose the correct racer for the correct level you can pass levels easily. Some levels maybe can enforce you but don't give up trying to do your best and show your skills.

But never forget to wear your equipment. It's very dangerous, you can injure yourself (:

The game has competitive events you can race with somebody.

If you can beat your opponent your experience bar increases.

It's mean you can unlock legendary and epic motorcycles, these motorcycles powerful and fastly than other common motorcycles.

Always control the time bar, try to be part of in leaderboard with the rating points.

You can represent your country flag and you can announce your name or nickname to other players.

Maybe they hesitate to encounter with you.

If you can't pass hard levels and feel worried, you can click the walkthrough button. A button placed the bottom of the game.

When clicking the button video screen appears, watch it and learn the trick.

Game Tips: Always try to be fast don't forget you race against the time.

Don't beware jump over the platforms, because it provides the most advantages to you. Use your best motorcycle and your favorite racer at the race, maybe your opponents step aside. You know strategy always important.

Also, you can look at and play other Moto X3M all games with this link.

Camon racer lets join the battle...


Press the "W" key for gas Press "S" key for a break. Use arrow keys for tumble and acrobatic movements.

Watch Moto X3M 1 Walkthrough

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Nickabout 518 ago
Moto 3xm is my favorite game. Because this game is very funny and it is action full.