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Moto X3M

Play Now Moto X3M

Moto X3M 1 Bike Race is a wonderful motorbike racing game and it has 25 challenging levels.

When you fail at some level you can press the restart button from the top left corner.

The game offers pause properties for you press this button when you have to go somewhere or in your busy times.

Get Relaxed when you want to resume the race, just press this button and enjoy.

If you love platform games you will love this game too. This game brings motorcycle driving skills to you.

You can take a driving license if you finish all the levels.

Try to unlock all motorcycles with money.

You can get money only one way in the game; jump over the platforms, Fly one point to one point and do acrobatic movements. You can control the comments if you have suspicious things about the game (:

Every racer has another skill and different costumes. If you choose the correct racer for the correct level you can pass levels easily. Some levels maybe can enforce you but don't give up trying to do your best and show your skills.

But never forget to wear your equipment. It's very dangerous, you can injure yourself (:

The game has competitive events you can race with somebody.

If you can beat your opponent your experience bar increases.

It's mean you can unlock legendary and epic motorcycles, these motorcycles powerful and fastly than other common motorcycles.

Always control the time bar, try to be part of in leaderboard with the rating points.

You can represent your country flag and you can announce your name or nickname to other players.

Maybe they hesitate to encounter with you.

If you can't pass hard levels and feel worried, you can click the walkthrough button. A button placed the bottom of the game.

When clicking the button video screen appears, watch it and learn the trick.

Game Tips: Always try to be fast don't forget you race against the time.

Don't beware jump over the platforms, because it provides the most advantages to you. Use your best motorcycle and your favorite racer at the race, maybe your opponents step aside. You know strategy always important.

Came on! racer let's join the battle...

Moto x3m full screen

Our game is supported by full-screen playing all platforms. If you want to play on fullscreen you click the play button or the full-screen button.


Press the "W" key for gas Press "S" key for a break. Use arrow keys for tumble and acrobatic movements.

How to Play Moto X3m Motorcycle Race Track Game?

Moto X3M 1 may look easy to you but believe us it is not easy like it seems. In this existential dilemma, you have to stay alive and survive on your race track. You do not have to cool moves in this race track but when you do, the best.

  • Click the “Play Now” button and enter the game on the main screen.
  • And then you will again click to the orange-colored “Play” button on the entering screen on your computer.
  • Yes, you will not start to the game before clicking the forward key on the screen, so click the game.
  • Finally, you will click to forward button again and yes, here now you are in the game.
  • When you enter the game you will hear background rock music.
  • If you do not like rock music, you can close it from the top right corner, the sound will be closed.
  • A great view awaits you in-game. When you pass the phases, you will see different views in-game.
  • The up button in the pc keypad will move your motor forward. It is easy to play.
  • Do not worry about the music sound when you look at another thing at pc, music closes.
  • Music only plays in the game when it is opened.
  • Be careful and try not to die while you are doing flip-flap.

Moto X3M Motor Race Track Game

The game may be hard for you at first times but after you learned the game you will like it. When you enter the game all you need to do is be careful in every single moment. You will start a complete noob. But trust us, after 30 minutes you will be a master in this motor track game. Enjoy it!

Watch Moto X3M Walkthrough

How to play the Moto X3M? Watch the walkthrough of this game for free on Eyzi Game.

A lot of fun playing when you're bored at home or at school.

Your goal is to pass your bike through the levels with big and moving obstacles that you must jump or avoid, also you can somersault through the sky to reduce your last time and achieve for a perfect score. You must know when to stop or fast to race.

Moto X3M was first introduced in 2016. Its version is a web flash game. More after, by Madpuffers developed as html5 game and developed different versions. These versions are Moto X3M 4: Winter, Moto X3M 5: Pool Party and as of last Moto X3M 6: Spooky Land. These game series are the most popular games in our Games.


How many levels do Moto X3M account?

There are 22 different levels to play.

What is the latest Moto X3M game?

It is Moto X3M Spooky Land.

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